Medicare We Provide


The first Urology Department in the Sultanate was founded in 1998 under the care of Professor Dr.Mamdouh Farid. The department offers unique services in the filed of urology, infertility, anddrology and performs rare surgical procedures with full success. And the Only private clinic in Oman to do Penile Implants Surgery.

  • Penile implants surgery
  • Renal ureteric stone
  • Male infertility
  • Prostatic enlargement
  • Varicocele treatment
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • For Appointments Contact TEL : 24571094

Additional Medicares


Founded in 199 under the care of professor Dr. Hisham Tarraf who is the worldwide reputation and experience in the field of asthma, allergy, and chest diseases, plus offering several unique services including skin test for allergy and vaccination.


As we are always interested in providing the best and most new services to our patient. We created the plastic surgery department since two years under the supervision of professor Dr. Mamdouh Salah who is a well known surgeon in Middle East with a profile filled with thousands of operations in plastic surgery from botox injections to rhinoplasty, breast reconstructions, fat injection and liposuction..


Under the care of consultant pediatrician offering services in the filed of premature and low weight babies, chest diseases, blood disease, also providing medical advice for behavioral and psychological disease. We also have the full range of vaccinations, ear piercing and circumcision.


Under the care of a specialist female doctor, we offer pre-natal and natal medical care, deliveries and other gynecological ailments such as sterility and insemination, Infertility Treatment, Ovarian Induction Protocols, Ultrasound Early Pregnancy, 4d Scan , Irregularty In Menses, Hormonal Changes, pre marriage counseling High Successes Rate In Infertility Treatment And IOI.


Under the care of specialist dentist and the most modern and scientific techniques in dental treatments including filing, root canal trement, bridges, (fixed and removable) teeth implantation and modern technique in polishing as well as in whitening, Veneer, The Original Color Teeth In Perfect Shape (Zarcon)


This department offering very accurate diagnostic and management services for the patient including Diabetes Mellitus, Thyroid gland and other Endocrine diseases with other diseases of heart and hypertension. This department develops very fast and gets excellent reputation due to the ability of supervising doctors and the backup offering by the laboratory and very advanced machine and other diagnostic tools like ECG and continuous cardiac monitoring.